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Warranty Procedure

Will-Burt Mast Warranty Coverage Procedure

The following procedure must be used in order for The Will-Burt Company to support warranty claims for Mast and Lighting products that The Will-Burt Company Manufactures. It is imperative for Will-Burt to be involved in any warranty product claim before any work is performed that would be covered under the warranty.
1) The End Customer, Dealer, or OEM must Fill out and submit a Will-Burt Company Product Warranty Claim Form which includes Serial Number and Part number for affected product. Will-Burt will also need explanation of the issue the product is experiencing. Please submit a Warranty Claim by filling in the online form below or download the form for printing at the bottom of the page and scan and email to Roy Cowger.
2) After the Will-Burt Company Warranty Claim form is submitted you will receive a Will-Burt Warranty Authorization number which will become your warranty product case number.
3) Will-Burt will determine at the time the claim form is submitted if the product will be requested to be returned to the Will-Burt factory at customer’s expense or Will-Burt may determine to send a service representative which will solely be determined by The Will-Burt Company.
4) If warranty of the product judged by Will-Burt to be defective in material or workmanship, the product will be replaced or repaired at the option of Will-Burt, free from all charges except authorized transportation.

Online Warranty Claim Form

    Will-Burt portable light tower solutions enable you to illuminate an emergency scene, recovery operation or job site to improve night time operation productivity and ensure safety. We offer multiple light tower mounting options, internally, on side or roof of a vehicle and can deliver up to 210,000 lumens of light per light tower for on scene lighting. Our internal and side mounted pneumatic towers can elevate lights to 42 ft. (12.5 m), while our self-contained roof-mounted units can elevate up to 25 ft. (7.5 m) from the vehicle roof. As added flexibility in accomplishing multiple tasks with one product, our light towers may also be combined with a security camera. Will-Burt’s mobile security and camera solutions enable you to monitor and protect valuable work site equipment with the flexibility of portability from site to site. Will-Burt delivers complete surveillance solutions with full pan and tilt capabilities.

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