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On-The-Move Surveillance

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Will-Burt On-The-Move mast capabilities save warfighter lives.  Through enabling persistent surveillance and targeting, Will- Burt On-The-Move masts ensure that not a moment is lost – while a vehicle mounted with a Will-Burt mast is in motion – in maintaining visibility and monitoring of potential adversaries.  Persistent surveillance systems deployed in Enduring Freedom have demonstrated this effectiveness in saving lives.

Will-Burt masts assure optimal performance of surveillance and targeting sensors, delivering the highest stability and rigidity while maximizing overall performance.

Stiletto Telescoping Mast Series

Telescopic Masts & Towers

Stiletto Telescoping Mast Series

up to 49.2 ft. / 15 m

up to 400 lbs. / 180 kg

AntennaMast AM2

up to 49.2 ft. / 15 m

up to 100 lbs. / 45.4 kg

Tower & Mast Accessories

Mast Tilt System

Automated and Manual Options

Pneumatic Systems

Optimized for all Will-Burt Pneumatic Masts

Mast Finishes

Extends life expectancy and reduces maintenance

Video Archive

Photo Archive

Pneumatic (Locking) Telescoping Mast

Military (Locking) Telescoping Mast

up to 98.4 ft. / 30 m

up to 450 lbs. / 205 kg