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North America Night Scan / Firetech Sales Team

Overhead lighting reduces glare for oncoming traffic and does not blind the crew. Night Scan light towers allow you to customize light intensity and coverage by stopping the tower at any height before it is fully extended. Installation flexibility is delivered with three lightweight options; roof-mounted to the apparatus, internally installed extending through the roof or mounted externally to the vehicle.
All Night Scan light towers meet or exceed all NFPA 1901-16 requirements. The Made in the USA, maintenance-free design operates in nearly any environment – from dusty, hot deserts to sub-freezing, snowy conditions. The Powerlite dual-tilt light option allows you to illuminate 360° of the scene by equally distributing light front and back

Sales ResponsibilityTerritoryNameContactFaxE-Mail
Lighting / Video SalesUnited States Lighting Sales ManagerDrew Newman+1 330-347-3134+1 330-684-1190 dnewman@willburt.com
Lighting / Video SalesUSA - WestJohn Glenn+1 330-988-5911+1 330-684-1190jglenn@willburt.com
Lighting / Video SalesUSA - NortheastRyan May+1 330-347-7168+1 330-684-1190rmay@willburt.com
Lighting / Video SalesUSA - WisconsinAndrew Capozella+1 330-684-5298+1 330-684-1190acapozella@willburt.com
Lighting / Video SalesCanadaMark Biernat+1 514-894-1193+1 514-894-1193mbiernat@ican.net