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Night Scan Air

Night Scan Air

Portable 360° LED Scene Lighting

Brilliant LED scene lighting evenly distributed over the entire scene. Compact design, quick deployment and low power consumption makes Night Scan Air perfect for nearly any situation.

Night Scan Air provides brilliant LED scene lighting evenly distributed over the entire scene

Essential Features

  • Available with 24,000, 56,000, or 110,000 lumens
  • 10 ft tripod included. Optional 14 ft tripod
  • Full 360° illumination
  • 110/220 VAC powered. Maximum 800 watts
  • Power from small generator or vehicle inverter


LED Light TypeWattsTotal LumensMaximum Lighted Area ft²PowerLight TypeLight TypeProtective Case for LED
Cylinder Light10012,00010,000110/220VAC10' Telescoping MastLEDYes
Cylinder Light20024,00014,000110/220VAC10' Telescoping MastLEDYes
Luminescent Balloon + Fan40056,00025,000110/220VAC10' Telescoping MastLEDYes
Luminescent Balloon + Fan800110,00045,000110/220VAC10' Telescoping MastLEDYes
Luminescent Balloon + Fan20024,00014,000Battery Powered (Lead Acid) Recharge 110VAC9' Four Section Interlocking MastLEDYes - entire system