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The Lifeguard 5 In 1 Emergency Car Kit is a multifunctional floodlight with torch and emergency red flashing warning light


Essential Features

  • 5 In 1 Emergency Kit
    • Wide Floodlight
    • Narrow Torch
    • Red Flashing Emergency Light
    • Window Breaker
    • Belt Cutter
  • 200 Lumens with 16.4 ft / 5m beam
  • Runs up to 5 hours
  • LED flood beam and inspection torch
  • Ultra bright 2W COB LED strip
  • Strong magnetic side
  • Resilient polycarbonate and ABS construction

Supplied with 3xAAA batteries


Light RuntimeFloodlight2.5 Hours
Torch3 Hours
Flashing5 Hours
Light ModeFloodlight200 Lumens
Torch70 Lumens
Flashing200 Lumens
Light Beam16.4 ft / 5 m
Dimensions6.2 x 1.9 in. / 158 x 47.3 mm
Weight.28 lbs. / 127 g
Product Code5875101

Features and Benefits

The Lifeguard features recessed razor blade cutter that frees both driver and passengers if seat belt locks, and a stainless steel emergency breaking pin for glass breaking.