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Solaris Duo 40K

The Solaris Duo 40K with 40,000 total lumens is the most powerful portable area light in the world.

Solaris Duo 40K

Essential Features

  • High powered LEDs
  • Portable and fast deployment
  • 2 telescopic masts reaching up to 6.2 ft / 1.9m
  • Swivel and tilting heads
  • Built in stability legs for use on uneven ground
  • Sturdy moulded insert to store parts inside
  • Housed in highly robust IP67 polycarbonate case
  • Battery status indicator
  • Sturdy and stackable

Supplied with: AC Charger
Optional Equipment: Vehicle Charger: 5837501


SpecificationsSolaris Duo 40K
Total Lumens40,000 - 2 x 20,000 heads
Light Beam DistanceUp to 328 ft. / 100m
Light Runtime3-24hrs
Light ModeHigh/Medium/Low /Eco
Voltage50Ah, 754.80Wh
Battery Life7 hrs 20 min
Dimensions11 x 15 x 22.4 in. / 280 x 380 x 570mm
Weight43.4 lb / 19.7kg
Product Code5837701

Features and Benefits

Designed to fit inside a portable case with wheels and an extendable handle, the Solaris Duo 40K is simple to transport and suitable for a variety of situations.

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The Solaris Duo 40K portable area light with 40,000 total lumens and a 328 ft. / 100m light beam is the best replacement for generator powered lights.