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Will-Burt’s camera elevation solutions allow a camera to be positioned at heights from 6 ft. to 30 ft. above a vehicle roof giving ground personnel the ability to survey an emergency scene quickly and efficiently.  In addition, the system offers real-time monitoring and surveillance for accurate records and documentation.  Lastly Will-Burt’s camera systems can be used to monitor and protect valuable property at remote locations.  Each camera solution is equipped with full pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.  Will-Burt’s mobile camera solutions enhance safety and security when and where it is needed most.

Will-Burt Product Offerings

Telescopic Masts & Towers

Inflexion Telescoping Masts

up to 25 ft. / 7.5 m

up to 100 lbs. / 45 kg

Portable & Mobile Light Towers

Night Scan Vertical

Height: 30 ft. / 9.1 m

Night Scan Profiler Light Fixture

Compact & space-saving
light fixture option

Night Scan Powerlite

Height: 15 ft. / 4.5 m

Tower & Mast Accessories

D-TEC® Safety System

Overhead power line and obstacle detection

Camera Systems

Compatible with a variety of masts

Photo Archive

Pneumatic (Non-Locking) Telescoping Masts

Non-Military Internally Wired Pneumatic Telescoping Mast

up to 30 ft. / 9 m

up to 100 lbs. / 45 kg

Video Surveillance Towers

Mobile Tower Solutions

SC Series

up to 130 ft. / 40 m

up to 650 lbs. / 295 kg

Mobile Mast Solutions

MT Series

up to 76 ft. / 23 m

up to 450 lbs. / 204 kg

COW Series

up to 60 ft. / 18 m

up to 450 lbs. / 204 kg

RD Series

up to 80 ft. / 24 m

up to 450 lbs. / 204 kg

SRS-M Series

up to 100 ft. / 30 m

up to 1,200 lbs. / 544 kg