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The Will-Burt Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of mast and tower integration solutions for every product sold.  Will-Burt engineers have the experience, knowledge and tools to successfully customize an integration solution for any vehicle, trailer or shelter.   Will-Burt also offers complete trailer integration solutions for a variety of platforms from military to commercial.  A wide range of telescopic masts, portable telescopic towers, communications payloads, power sources and sensor systems can be integrated and optimized to provide the most efficient and seamless solution for your specialized needs.  Supported by metal and composites fabrication, welding, laser cutting, metal bending and a state-of-the-art paint line, an integration solution can go from design to manufacture to installation in a very short amount of time.

  • Engineers specially trained to optimize customization of elevation and vehicle integration solutions
  • Full manufacturing support
    • Metal and Composites fabrication, paint and powder coating and installation
    • Single supplier from design, to production to installation

Will-Burt’s Integration Services will provide robust solutions that optimize systems performance.