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Safety is the number one requirement when answering a call and nighttime operations create The Will-Burt Night Scan Powerlite is a roof-mounted, fold-down light tower which requires no interior vehicle space. It is typically used for scene lighting on heavy-rescue vehicles, mobile command centers, airport ARFF vehicles or large wreckers. Opposable light fixtures provide equal scene lighting forward and backward at the same time – 360˚ of light. Delivering up to 9000 watts of scene lighting, the Night Scan® Powerlite is ideal on any vehicle where maximum light is required. The Powerlite can be elevated with truck air or optional on-board compressor. an even bigger challenge for fire fighters. Night Scan light towers create a safer work environment by lighting the scene from above, like natural daylight. Will-Burt’s lighting and camera tower solutions allow firefighters around the world to perform rescue operations under the safest lighting conditions possible. The height and bright illumination of the Will-Burt Night Scan® has helped to make it the number one selling light tower in the world. Firefighters are assured of the safest lighting possible when a Night Scan® is on the scene. View our catalog of products for firefighters below or contact a sales representative for more information.