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Portable & Mobile Light Towers

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Portable & Mobile Light Towers

Will-Burt portable light towers provide scene lighting solutions for emergency recovery operations or job sites to improve night time operation productivity and ensure safety. Will-Burt light towers offer multiple mounting options, internally, on side or roof of a vehicle and can deliver up to 210,000 lumens of scene lighting per light tower.  Our internal and side mounted pneumatic towers can elevate scene lights up to 42 ft. (12.5 m), while our self-contained roof-mounted units can elevate up to 25 ft. (7.5 m) from the vehicle roof. As added flexibility in accomplishing multiple tasks with one product, our light towers may also be combined with a security camera.  Will-Burt’s mobile security and camera solutions enable you to monitor and protect valuable work site equipment with the flexibility of portability from site to site.  Will-Burt delivers complete surveillance solutions with full pan and tilt capabilities for mobile and portable scene lighting. Watch the video to see how much more scene light Night Scan adds when compared to standard fire truck scene lighting.

Night Scan E-Z Specs

Customize a Light Tower using our Night Scan EZ Spec Interactive Table

Night Scan Sirion™

Most Powerful LED Light Fixture
110,000 Lumens Each

Night Scan Scout

Install anywhere on any vehicle
Direct 40,000 lumens of light exactly where you need it

Night Scan Chief

up to 7.5 ft. / 2.3 m

Night Scan Powerlite

up to 15 ft. / 4.5 m

Night Scan Profiler

Compact & space-saving
light fixture option

Night Scan Xtreme

up to 25 ft. / 7.5 m

Night Scan Vertical Complete

up to 7.5 ft. / 2.3 m

Night Scan Vertical

up to 30 ft. / 9.1 m

Night Scan HDT (Heavy Duty Towing)

up to 15 ft. / 4.5 m

LED Lighting Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your existing
Night Scan Light Tower

Night Scan Light Options

LED, Halogen and Xenon
Lighting options for all Night Scan light towers

Night Scan Light Tower Controllers

Remote and Panel Mount
Wired and wireless options

Remote Control Positioner

Remote directional light controller
Provides 360° light coverage