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Will-Burt’s Quick Erecting Antenna Mast (QEAM) is a lightweight, high strength mast that offers a rigid, stable platform for elevating critical payloads. Their are a variety of QEAM models designed for field or vehicle or shelter installation.

Quick Erecting Antenna Mast (QEAM)

  • Family of portable guyed field mast
  • Extended heights from 3 to 34 meters.
  • Available with composite or aluminum tubes
  • Minimal payload twist with vertical keys
  • Meets MIL-STD-810F environmental standards for operations in extreme conditions

Designed for manual or motorized operation, Will-Burt’s QEAM (Quick Erecting Antenna Mast) Family of lightweight composite or aluminum masts elevate light payloads for ground-mounted or vehicle, trailer and shelter deployment. Contact us today to purchase a QEAM mast system.