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Stiletto HD Telescoping Mast

The Stiletto HD military mast is a more rugged version of the original Stiletto with a greater weight capacity, up to 400 pounds (181 kg).

Stiletto HD

  • Stiletto HD military mast is a more rugged version of the original Stiletto
    The revolutionary Will-Burt Stiletto HD mast is a carbon fiber composite, electro-mechanical telescoping mast featuring the best combination of high strength, low weight and great stability in the industry. With its low nested height and small space claim, Stiletto™ is the lightweight mobile solution for applications requiring rapid, automatic deployment, maximum reliability and high directional pointing accuracy.
  • Greater weight capacity – up to 400 pounds (181 kg)
  • Includes all the same features of the Stiletto

Additional Features of Stiletto HD vs. Stiletto:

  • Larger diameter and higher strength carbon fiber tube sections
    • Greater strength and rigidity for larger payloads
  • Heavier-duty collars and triple locks
    • Greater capacity and strength
  • Heavier-duty drive assembly
    • Greater payload capacity and faster extension
  • Greater section lap
    • Decreased deflection
  • Options
    • PC operation with height readout and programmable heights
    • Hand-held remote control (wired)
    • Shelter and vehicle mounting brackets
    • Nycoil cable management
    • Nycoil basket
    • Click here for a list of mast finishes offered
    • Stiffer tubes available for even lower deflection – contact factory for details

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