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MT Series

Integrated Tower Systems is recognized as the world’s premier OEM-source for rapid-deployment Portable Tower Systems, Communication-Sites-on-Wheels/Light-Trucks (“COWS” and “COLTS”), and Mast-, Satellite- and Tower-Integrated Mobile Command and Communication Centers. An innovative and extensive line of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS), customized and Military-Spec portable tower solutions support the emergency response, temporary and long-term communications, surveillance, test and other common and proprietary requirements of a global clientele. When situations require higher payload elevation and/or heavier payload capacity, Integrated Tower Systems self-supporting telescopic lattice tower structures deliver the ultimate in performance. ITS towers can elevate payloads from 38 feet (11.5 m) to 106 feet (32 m) standard, and customized to 130 feet (39.5 m)

ITS MT Series Trailer-mounted Mast System

The ITS MT Series is ideal for deployment in virtually any location. A low profile and modular design affords this model the advantage of C-130 aircraft, flat-bed, or standard fleet-vehicle transport as well as fully-assembled containerization.

The ITS MT Series Trailer-mounted Mast System features a self-supporting or guyed, locking or non-locking pneumatic mast with an innovative tilt capability. The MT Series features an enclosed compressor for mast tilt, extension and retraction with additional space available for optional power generation and equipment enclosure.

A heavy-duty steel constructed trailer comes standard with tandem axles, 16″ multi-terrain tires, all-wheel electric or optional hydraulic/surge brakes, a trailer break-away devise, outrigger stabilization, LED lighting, and an impact and weather resistant, anti-slip coating over a diamond plate steel operating platform.

The galvanized steel tilt support structure and pneumatic mast exoskeleton incorporates a safety climb system for secure and easy accesses to the mast’s optional locking mechanisms and/or secondary mast control panel. Primary mast controls are secured in a trailer-level NEMA enclosure.

With the use of integrated lifting provisions and/or fork-pockets, the entire mast support structure may be easily removed from its trailer for integration atop an appropriate foundation, truck-bed or skid.

  • Rugged and Versatile Design Allows for integration to a variety of mobile and stationary platforms; convenient shipping, transport and deployment alternatives.
  • Ease of Operation User-friendly and reliable pneumatic operating system; integrated safety features.
  • Model Customization Multiple designs afford customers a choice from a variety of COTS trailer payload and mast selection alternatives.

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