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Newport News Water Department

The Newport News Water Department using the Night Scan® from The Will-Burt Company

Newport News
Water Department


The Newport News Water Department is a regional water provider in Newport News, Virginia, who has used lighting from The Will-Burt Company for more than 30 years. They process raw water and distribute water to residential and commercial customers throughout the city of Newport News and to the surrounding counties.

The Problem:

When you serve over 400,000 customers like the Newport News Water Department does, you’re bound to experience water breaks, planned maintenance and water line servicing on a regular basis. During the winter months especially, extreme weather conditions cause a fluctuation in temperature that strains the water lines. Repair crews are out on a nightly basis, as the freezing and thawing effects of winter cause damage and disrupt water distribution.

Newport News Water Department needed a reliable lighting solution to manage the nightly calls. Plus, as a division of the city, they’re subject to emissions regulations and cannot idle vehicles for long periods of time, so all repair trucks must be shut off when not in use. The water department required a lighting solution that can operate without a running vehicle and last for the duration of the project.

The Solution:

The Night Scan® was just what Newport News Water Department needed. It’s a portable, LED light tower that draws such a small amount of power it can run for hours from a truck that has been turned off. In emergency situations, the city has used their Night Scan® lighting tower for more than 10 hours, without ever turning on their truck. The best part about the Night Scan®, and what sold the team at the Newport News Water Department, is that there’s no generator needed!

“The new technology available is very impressive and low maintenance. LEDs provide better visibility, and they’re brighter and draw less energy,” says Mike Mason, fleet supervisor at Newport News Water Department.

Many of the vehicles in the city’s 275-vehicle fleet use lighting from The Will-Burt Company, including 9 utility trucks that are upgraded with Night Scan® technology. The water department plans to add more Night Scan® lighting towers as well.

“The cost savings are huge. If I had to use a lighting tower while burning diesel fuel for the truck, we would easily use 20-plus gallons. Now, we just turn on the lights and they work. Between product quality and customer service, I don’t know which one to put first. Will-Burt’s reliability and product quality are phenomenal. Anytime I’ve had an issue that I couldn’t immediately figure out, they’re just a phone call away and very proactive in helping,” says Mason.