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Will-Burt designs and manufactures a variety of elevation, shelter, trailer, security and integration solutions to enhance the performance and safety of Border operations around the world.  These solutions have been field tested and proven in a variety of environments such as the sub-freezing climate of the Arctic to the sands and extreme heat of the harshest desert regions.  Border Patrol agents can be assured of optimal performance time after time.

Stiletto Telescoping Mast Series

Telescopic Masts & Towers

Stiletto Telescoping Mast Series

up to 49.2 ft. / 15 m

up to 400 lbs. / 180 kg

Tower & Mast Accessories

Mast Tilt System

Automated and Manual Options

Pneumatic Systems

Optimized for all Will-Burt Pneumatic Masts

Mast Finishes

Extends life expectancy and reduces maintenance

Video Archive

Photo Archive

Pneumatic (Locking) Telescoping Mast

Military (Locking) Telescoping Mast

up to 98.4 ft. / 30 m

up to 450 lbs. / 205 kg

Pneumatic (Non-Locking) Telescoping Masts

Non-Military Internally Wired Pneumatic Telescoping Mast

up to 30 ft. / 9 m

up to 100 lbs. / 45 kg