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Will-Burt delivers complete mobile elevation solutions to enable communications, security and lighting at your work site.  Mobility allows relocation of these critical functions from site to site as needed, maximizing deployment speed and flexibility. We can create a trailer platform integrating any or all of the above functions onto one complete mobile solution.  Will-Burt also offers all-composite shelter and container solutions that are ideal for demanding work site environmental conditions and are lighter weight than metal, allowing easier transport from site to site. Will-Burt’s’ mobile elevation and shelter solutions will augment fixed assets for ultimate performance.

Will-Burt Product Offerings

Portable & Mobile Light Towers

Night Scan Vertical

Height: 30 ft. / 9.1 m

Night Scan Profiler Light Fixture

Compact & space-saving
light fixture option

Night Scan Light Options

LED lighting options for all Night Scan light towers

Night Scan Light Tower Controllers

Remote and Panel Mount
Wired and wireless options

Night Scan Xtreme

Height: 25 ft. / 7.5 m

Night Scan Vertical Complete

Height: 7.5 ft. / 2.3 m

Night Scan Powerlite

Height: 15 ft. / 4.5 m

LED Lighting Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your existing
Night Scan Light Tower

Tower & Mast Accessories

Camera Systems

Compatible with a variety of masts

Rapid Deployment Mobile Tower Systems

Mobile Tower Solutions

up to 130 ft. / 40 m

up to ±750 lbs. / 340 kg

Mobile Mast Solutions

up to 100 ft. / 30 m

up to 1,200 lbs. / 544 kg

Video Archive

Photo Archive

Video Solutions

Mobile Tower Solutions

NC/SR Series

up to 130 ft. / 39 m

up to 650 lbs. / 295 kg

TMT Series

up to 130 ft. / 40 m

up to 650 lbs. / 295 kg

Rapid Deployment Mobile Elevation Systems

Mobile Elevation Systems

Mobile Elevation Systems