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Remote Control Positioner

nightscan by Will-Burt product logo

Night Scan Remote Control Positioner by Will-Burt

The Will-Burt Remote Control Positioner is a state-of-the-art remote controlled directional lighting system designed for mounting on all our telescoping light towers during scene lighting conditions. The Remote Control Positioner integrates solid-state circuitry to provide full rotation and tilt capability for the attached light fixtures. This allows the operator to conveniently point the lights in any direction for widespread scene lighting of a rescue mission, fire ground or other work area. Each of Will-Burt’s Vertical Light Towers and Night Scan products utilize the Remote Control Positioner to provide outstanding scene lighting capability.

Essential Features

  • Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel weatherproof construction:
    • Provides long life for components exposed to water and weather
  • Hand-held pistol grip remote:
    • Controls the aiming of lights, up/down switch and auto stow®, which allows for quick and accurate pointing of lights and raising of light tower.
  • Full 360 degrees of lighting coverage:
    • Provides full and complete lighting coverage of emergency or work scene.

Suggested Applications

Remote directional lighting control for complete coverage of emergency or work scene