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Electro-Mechanical Masts

Stiletto® Composite
Telescoping Masts

Will-Burt’s line of Stiletto electro-mechanical, composite or alloy masts are high-performance, telescoping masts ideal for missions involving surveillance, security or on-the-move. The revolutionary mast features the best combination of high strength, low weight and great stability in the industry. With its low nested height and small space claim, Stiletto is the lightweight mobile solution for applications requiring rapid automatic deployment, maximum reliability and high directional pointing accuracy.

Additional models have been created including the Stiletto HD for heavy duty applications and the Stiletto AL for safe deployment of payloads at any height.

A tilt system is also available for situations that require critical factors such as nested height and rapid deployment. The low height of the Stiletto Tilt meets C-130 requirements and situations requiring a low center of gravity or concealment of the mast payload and the palatalized configuration also makes it suitable for installation on trailers, pick-up trucks and flat bed transports including the FMTV.

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