Low Profile Non-Locking Pneumatic Mast

The innovative Low-Profile Pneumatic Mast is a new design developed and manufactured in the USA by Will-Burt. Created to meet the evolving needs of the ENG vehicle builder, this mast dramatically reduces the collar stack height of traditional masts, delivering a lower nested height well-suited for the smaller Ford Transit and Nissan NV vehicles. Will-Burt has retained the field-proven two key design that has been the standard bearer for accuracy and transmission quality. A new integrated locking payload top plate, minimizes payload movement while the mast is stowed and the vehicle is in motion.

Pneumatic Low Profile Non-Locking Telescoping Mast Photo Gallery

Will-Burt’s Low-Profile mast with innovative internal collar design optimizes the nested to extended height ratio for a shorter retracted mast. Each collar is stored inside the next rather than stacking the collars one on top of the other – minimizing the stowed mast height.

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