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Our extensive line of environmental camera housings are manufactured to a proven traditional design. The units are extremely compact but are designed to accommodate the larger camera / lens dimensions required for Town or City center projects. Stainless steel fittings and fastenings are used throughout to ensure a long operational life. The IP rating is 66 and two entry glands and a hole with a grommet fitted are provided to ensure proper cable management. Standard accessories include an extended paxolin camera plate, steel safety strap and wiring distribution block. A PTC resistor heater with progressive performance is also provided which eliminates the need for a thermostat. A deep base allows the fitting of an optional integral wiper which incorporates a micro switch for self-parking.

Maintenance Free All-Weather Camera Housings

Made to a proven, traditional design, the Mitre range of environmental camera housings are extremely compact yet spacious enough (particularly the new 903) to accommodate larger camera/lens combinations.