Pole-Mounted Scene Lights

Scene Lighting

Cover more area with more light
Pole-mounted Scene Lights are often the most utilized equipment on emergency scenes. Scene Lights from Firetech are well known for packing a big punch and covering a large area. LED Scene Lights are used to enhance visibility on virtually every fire scene. Whether you are tasked with cutting a patient from a mangled automobile, or conducting an overhaul operation after putting out the blaze, Firetech LED scene lighting will make your job easier. Interested in Firetech pole-mounted scene lighting? View our model specifications or contact us today for a quote.

Product Listing

ModelGuardianGuardian EliteFT-SL-15 / FT-SL-X-15Patriot
Product Photo
Lumens10,00020,50020,000 / 'X' 28,000DC 28,000 / AC 31,300
VoltageDC or ACDC or ACDC or ACDC or AC
Switch OptionYesYesYesYes
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