Surface Mounted Scene Lighting

Ever since our entry in to the Fire market in 2011, our customers have been asking for a non-recessed Surface Mounted LED Scene light. 2017’s the year: Introducing the Guardian Surfae Mounted LED Scene Light!

Surface Mounted Scene Lighting

The perfect solution for the sides and back of your apparatus

The Guardian LED Scene light is offered in two versions; the Guardian (standard), and the Guardian “Elite.” The Guardian LED Surface mount scene light will produce nearly 6,000 measured lumens of light and is the perfect solution for your EMS fleet or when retrofitting Fire Apparatus on a conservative budget. The Guardian “Elite” will produce an earth shattering 12,500 MEASURED lumens, which compares favorably against fixtures commonly advertised in the fire industry as 20,000 lumens or more. Compare model specifications to the left, or contact us today for more information.

Less Power = Less Heat. By keeping the circuit temperature low, the Firetech Guardian LED Surface Mounted Scene can offer sustained light output regardless of runtime on your incident.

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