Brow Lights

Firetech Brow Lights

The Ultimate Apparatus Lighting Solution
The Firetech Brow light can be configured to incorporate optional DOT Clearance Marker and Identification Lamps, allowing you to streamline the front edge of your apparatus while maintaining the FMVSS108 mandated visual signature of the ID lamps. The Firetech Brow Light is a first in class fixture designed specifically for the leading edge of the fire apparatus. Trust your rig to the experts with the Firetech Brow Light, featuring the industry’s only limited LIFETIME Warranty! Featuring Spot, Flood, and Scene lights, the Firetech Brow Light has the power to illuminate anything in the path of the apparatus. View our range of Firetech Brow Lights today or contact us to find out why they are the ultimate lighting solution for the front of your fire apparatus.

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