Pneumatic Non-Locking

Military Pneumatic Non-Locking Masts from Will-Burt are ideal for military communications, elevated testing and mobile radar applications. When a mast deployment is needed for extended periods, locking collars allow the mast to remain extended indefinitely without air pressure. Guying is optional on Vehicle-mounted heavy-duty locking (HDL) models up to 60 feet (18 meters). Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) heavy-duty models are available. Super heavy-duty locking (SHDL) models feature greater unguyed heights and larger payload capacities. Standard models are shown below. Custom height and payload capacities are available upon request.

Pneumatic Non-Locking Mast

The Will-Burt Pneumatic Heavy-Duty Non-Locking (HDNL) and Super Heavy-Duty Non-Locking (SHDNL) Masts offer a light-weight solution with a high payload lifting capacity. Our Pneumatic Non-Locking Masts feature high pointing accuracy and long mast life for high performance and dependability. The pneumatic heavy-duty design makes it inherently safe – the payload sits on a “cushion of air” enabling it to better absorb shocks. Additionally, Will-Burt’s Non-Locking Pneumatic Masts have controlled exhausting of air for smooth and safe retraction. Locking models are available for extended deployments.

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