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Night Scan Mobile Light Towers

Will-Burt lighting solutions enable you to illuminate an emergency scene, recovery operation or job site to improve night time operation productivity and ensure safety. We offer multiple light tower mounting options, internally, on side or roof of a vehicle and can deliver up to 210,000 lumens of light per light tower. Our internal and side mounted pneumatic towers can elevate lights to 42 ft. (12.5 m), while our self-contained roof-mounted units can elevate up to 25 ft. (7.5 m) from the vehicle roof. As added flexibility in accomplishing multiple tasks with one product, our light towers may also be combined with a security camera. Will-Burt’s mobile security and camera solutions enable you to monitor and protect valuable work site equipment with the flexibility of portability from site to site. Will-Burt delivers complete surveillance solutions with full pan and tilt capabilities.

Night Scan Mobile Light Towers

Will-Burt’s Night Scan Light Towers are specifically designed to turn night into day. Whether it be a fold-down model mounted to the roof of a vehicle, or a vertical application that reaches 30 ft. in the air and is either internally or externally mounted to the side or rear of a heavy rescue vehicle, full-size mobile command center or a large wrecker. With deployment heights ranging from 3 to 30 feet, Will-Burt is the source for all of your mobile lighting needs. The simple design allows you to elevate 2 to 6 Halogen or LED lights emitting up to 210,000 lumens of light which can be extended beyond a 2-story house. The pan and tilt feature on selected models allows you to pinpoint desired light in an exact location with the easy-to-use handheld remote control from ground level. Furthermore, the anodized aluminum mast tubes are tested and proven from the cold and ice of Canada, to the sand and dust of Afghanistan, which makes Will-Burt light towers safe and reliable in extreme conditions. Watch the video to see how much more light Night Scan adds when compared to standard fire truck lighting.

Night Scan Demo with Firetech LED Lighting

Night Scan Fire Truck Demo

Night Scan Mobile Light Towers

Accident Lighting

Night Scan Mobile Command Center

Night Scan at FDIC Light Tower Demonstration, 2014

Night Scan Highway Construction Lighting