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AntennaMast Model AM2 Videos

The AntennaMast model AM2 is a rugged, lightweight, man-portable, aluminum tripod mast designed for rapid payload deployment. The AM2 is extremely flexible and reliable and is capable of elevating multiple devices on a single mast.

AntennaMast Model AM2 Assembly Videos

The AntennaMasts by Will-Burt provide our customers with extremely capable and flexible mast systems that are able to perform across a wide spectrum of mission profiles. The Model AM2 with EZ Raze™ system with cable winching device and safety brake enables the user to lift and lower heavier payloads in a safe and controlled manner without disassembling the mast system. While, the mast tube lift winch provides a mechanical assist for the lifting of the mast tubes for heavier payloads.

AM2 with EZ Raze

AM2 with Lift Winch

AM2 with EZ Raze Accessory Installation

AM2 with EZ Raze Accessory Installation