GEROH KVL Light-Duty Crank Mast

GEROH cable-driven masts include the heavy-duty KVR mast, well suited for surveillance or communications antenna systems as well as the lighter- duty KVL mast. Each mast may be vehicle, shelter, trailer or field-mounted and has an available tilt system. GEROH also offers the heavy duty Spindle mast with greater weight-lifting capability and pointing accuracy. In addition to its masts, GEROH also engineers and manufactures its own line of specialty single and double axle military trailers, designed for maximum mobility with high payload capability and low curb weight.

Light-Duty Crank Mast

The lightweight construction in addition to superior stability, reliability and long life of the GEROH KVL Telescopic Crank Mast system is appealing to military and commercial applications such as communications testing, surveillance and lighting; and are designed for vehicle, trailer, shelter or field deployment. Below are photos of various applications of the KVL Telescopic Crank Mast and please Contact Us online for more information.

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