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Will-Burt Night Scan® is the #1 selling light tower in the world. Learn why we’re trusted by firefighters globally.

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The Will-Burt Night Scan® creates the safest lighting conditions possible for rescue operations

Will-Burt’s leading light and camera tower solutions allow firefighters around the world to perform rescue operations under the safest lighting conditions possible. The height and bright illumination of The Will-Burt Night Scan® has helped to make it the number one selling light tower in the world. Firefighters are assured of the safest lighting possible when a Night Scan® is on the scene

Light towers from The Will-Burt Company:

Turn light into day in 14 seconds or less.

Supply more than 1/2 acre of well-lit coverage area

Deliver light at the height of your emergency-elevation up to 30 ft.

Provide 220,000+ lumens of light (varies by product)

Deliver 360 degree lighting to your scene

Include various mounting options

Are ideal for emergency vehicles with limited mounting space

Use auto-deploy to extend with a push of a button

Use auto-stow to put light towers away easily.

Include options that don't require a generator or external air supply

Mobile Lighting

From low power LEDs that don’t require generators to high output MH HID lights, Will-Burt has a mobile scene lighting solution with various mounting options to suit your needs.

Mobile Cameras/Security

Will-Burt’s camera elevation solutions allow a camera to be positioned at heights from 6 ft. to 30 ft. above a vehicle roof giving ground personnel the ability to survey an emergency scene quickly and efficiently.

Fire Fighting Case Studies

Pasco County Fire Rescue serves nearly 500,000 people in the state of Florida. Their department provides fire protection for all of unincorporated Pasco County and employs more than 650 professionals, along with a support staff of 65 and a steady group of volunteers.

The East Wayne Fire District is a two station, part-time volunteer fire department based in Dalton, Ohio. The department serves roughly 66 square miles in both Wayne and Stark counties. They handle about 700 calls a year and respond to fire, EMS and rescue situations, as well as conduct fire safety inspections and fire prevention classes in local schools.

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