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Celebrating 75 Years of GEROH

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Celebrating 75 Years of GEROHCelebrating 75 Years of GEROH
Honoring the history of GEROH this year as we observe the 75th anniversary of the company.
October 21, 2021

This year we celebrate 75 years of GEROH and honor the history of the company. Gerhard Mauszewski and Robert Böhm came together to form a small factory located in Berline and named MABO to produce coal shovels, staplers, and pencil sharpeners. The beginning stages of the production was mostly made of scrap materials.

In 1951, Herbert Wunderlich joined the business and the three Gerhard Mauszewski, Robert Böhm and Herbert Wunderlich in Waischenfeld, Germany from 1961.changed the company name to GEROH (GErhard, RObert, Herbert). After a few eventful years in post-war Berlin, the decision to open a branch in Waischenfeld followed at the end of the 1950s.

In 1961, the building at Fischergasse 25 was complete with equipment and offices ready for production. Later in the 1980s this building then became the headquarters for GEROH, and everything was transferred to the facility one train at a time. Over the years, both the office complex and the production facility have been expanded and rebuilt again and again.

The name GEROH is known worldwide for reliable and durable products that are used day and night under the toughest environmental conditions by the armed forces, police, rescue services, telecommunications service providers and many other users.

GEROH Headquarters in Waschenfeld, Germany from 1961.

In 2012, GEROH became a part of The Will-Burt Company and in 2021 received another name change to WILL-BURT Germany GmbH & Co. KG to designate the affiliation to one of the largest manufacturers of mast systems worldwide. The name GEROH survives and is still honored as a part of the naming convention in most of Will-Burt Germany products.

Celebrations for the 75th anniversary has been postponed for this year but together with our GEROH’s exhibition stand at The Hanover Fair, 1955employees and their families, former colleagues, friends, neighbors, business partners and customers, we plan on commemorating the anniversary in the coming year.

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The Will-Burt Company (, headquartered in Orrville, Ohio, USA, is the world’s premier manufacturer of mobile telescoping masts, towers and pan and tilt positioners. We offer virtually every mobile payload elevation and integration solution for defense, government, first responders, cellular and mobile, broadcast, energy production and other markets. Will-Burt also offers contract manufacturing, metal fabrication, powder-coating, and rapid prototyping services. Will-Burt is an international company with offices and manufacturing in the USA, England, and Germany along with offices in Singapore and a joint venture in Turkey. All Will-Burt Company manufacturing locations are backed by a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Incorporated in 1918, Will-Burt is 100% employee-owned and is classified as a small business.