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Joe’s Towing & Recovery

Joe’s Towing & Recovery

The Night Scan family of LED lamps are the only LED scene lights designed specifically for Night Scan light towers. These lamps are engineered to optimize the inherent benefits of Night Scan towers, producing more light, using less power, and covering larger areas. Consistent illumination from the beginning of the mission until the end is assured by an electronic thermal management system, large heat sinks, and top-bin LEDs. Three Night Scan lamp options ensure that you will have the best possible illumination to meet your requirements.


Joe’s Towing and Recovery started in 1969 with a single tow truck in Bloomington, Illinois. Over the last 50 years, the business has greatly expanded its footprint and service area. Today, the business offers 24/7 emergency assistance and operates out of four locations. Their towing and recovery services reach customers across all of central Illinois.

The Problem:

As a 24/7 towing service, some calls come in the middle of the night. Joe’s Towing and Recovery managed nighttime accidents by dispatching two vehicles. They sent a tow truck, as well as a pickup truck that pulled a stand-alone, generator-powered light trailer. But supplying additional equipment and manpower can get expensive. So when Joe’s Towing and Recovery met representatives from The Will-Burt Company at an industry show in Florida, they discovered a better solution.

The Solution:

Joe’s Towing and Recovery opted to install a Will-Burt Nightscan HDT on two of their rotator wreckers. And the light towers have benefited accident scenes in multiple ways. The company no longer needs two vehicles for nighttime calls. Plus, the high illumination lights have made scenes much safer for employees, those involved in the accident and oncoming traffic.

Bruce Pedigo, VP of Operations for Joe’s Towing and Recovery, says the lights provide crisper, cleaner light and are incredibly user-friendly. They have a controller that adjusts light placement even once the lights are raised up, unlike the towing company’s former preset-only lights.
Joe’s Towing and Recovery is now on their second set of Will-Burt light towers, too. The original rotator wreckers with mobile lighting have been sold and new ones were purchased in 2019.

“We had the new wreckers spec’d out with additional space between the cab and bed. We knew we wanted the appropriate space for the Will-Burt light tower,” Bruce Pedigo says.

As an added bonus, the NightScan HDT towers pay for themselves. Joe’s Towing and Recovery makes the lighting a billable item. When the light towers are used at an accident, they’re included as a line item for wrecking service charges.

But ultimately, the light tower’s greatest benefit boils down to safety. “Purchasing the towers was well worth it. You can’t put money on your guys’ lives or an injury because they can’t see. Will-Burt’s light towers have made everything on the scene so much safer,” says Bruce.

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