Rigid Wall Shelter Solutions

Will-Burt’s nine-high stackable ISO expandable shelters and containers combine the inherent corrosion and ballistic resistance of carbon composites with a seamless monocoque design to protect personnel and sensitive equipment in some of the world’s most austere and harsh environments.

Rigid Wall Shelters

Will-Burt’s Rigid shelters and containers are constructed with all composite materials, including patented corner columns, roof, floor and walls; enabling them to perform under extremes of temperature, environment, and geography, combat and/or utility. They provide higher stackability, designed to carry up to 190,000-lb force on any given corner – quite an achievement for a shelter or container weighing 4,000 pounds or less. The composite rigid construction is also corrosion resistant, meaning they are inherently resistant to rust and other chemicals, thus requiring less depot and field maintenance. Furthermore, Will-Burt’s shelters and containers have exceeded performance thresholds for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and High Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) protection, ensuring a secure operational environment. View our product video below for more information.

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