GEROH Product Range

GEROH specializes since more then 60 years in the development and production of the widest range of highly qualified mast systems as well as tactical trailer solutions for the armed forces. Our Tactical Trailers are used by the German Army and other international forces to enhance mobility and logistics capabilities throughout the battlefield. Our trailer systems are especially designed for missions involving extraordinary burdens in extreme and arduous terrain. Long-time experience in producing trailer systems as well as close cooperation with many international forces and procurement agencies makes it possible to offer best possible customized solutions as well as mission capable “commercial of the shelf” solutions. High payloads in combination with low basic weights, maximum cross-country mobility, long life expectancy and low maintenance requirements are the characteristics of all GEROH Tactical Trailers.


GEROH, based in Waischenfeld, Germany is the leading manufacturer of telescoping mast and trailer solutions for the military market in Western Europe. Commencing its operations in 1946, GEROH engineers, designs and manufactures a broad line of high performance mechanical masts. The cable-driven masts include the heavy-duty KVR mast, well suited for surveillance or communications antenna systems as well as the lighter-duty KVL mast. Each mast may be vehicle, shelter, trailer or field-mounted and has an available tilt system. GEROH also offers the heavy duty Spindle mast with greater weight-lifting capability and pointing accuracy. In addition to its masts, GEROH also engineers and manufactures its own line of specialty single and double axle military trailers, designed for maximum mobility with high payload capability and low curb weight.

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