Expedition Series Tripod Mast

Expedition Series Tripod Mast

Ranger Mast The Ranger Mast is a highly portable, lightweight mast system. This system can be deployed quickly by extending 4 foot (1.2 meters) mast sections to heights from 8 feet (2.5 meters) to 60 feet (18.3 meters) with lightweight payloads.

The Expedition Series Tripod Mast is an aluminum, single-man portable field mast that does not require a shelter or a vehicle for support. The carbon composite construction allows the Expedition Series Tripod Mast to be lighter weight while still providing a strong and durable frame that won’t bend or break while still maintaining its smooth transportation and deployment. The patented large tripod base allows a single crew member to assemble and extend the mast to heights from 8 ft. / 2.5 m to 60 ft. / 18.3 meters with lightweight payloads. The compact design allows for a transport pack option so a crew member can carry the mast over the shoulders; depending on specific deployment needs.

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