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August, 2005: The Will-Burt Company Pioneers New Heavy Duty Military Antenna Mast

For additional information, contact:
David Cotsmire, VP of Marketing and Customer Service
330-684-5282 (office) or 330-347-6745 (mobile)
The HDTM 10 field mast is designed for use in desert to arctic operating conditions, including consistent operation in sand and dust and retraction under ice loadsThe Will-Burt Company is pleased to announce the release of the Heavy Duty TM 10 (HDTM 10), the latest addition to their line of QEAM™ (Quick Erecting Antenna Masts) for military communications and surveillance applications, with over 150 units delivered to the United States Air Force.

The HDTM 10 is a field mast designed out of a requirement from an on-going military field communications program. Product specifications require the device to meet all typical military environmental standards, from desert to arctic operating conditions. This includes consistent operation in sand and dust and retraction under ice loads.

Suitable for all climates, the HDTM 10 is a 10-meter mast that supports up to a 75-pound (34 kg) payload – a capacity that is significantly greater than other models in the QEAM™ line. Designed with a heavy-duty drive system and stronger mast tube sections, the HDTM 10 can support line-of-sight(LOS) microwave applications.

The HDTM 10 design also incorporates features that have made Will-Burt QEAM™ products a staple of military use. The mast extends with an easy manual crank-up, freeing users from the need of a power supply. The telescoping sections are light and portable. The screw drive mechanism is reliable, with automatic locking for easy deployment. Mounting brackets are available to attach the HDTM 10 to HMMWV (Humvee) variants, Armored Personnel Carriers, and shelters.

Also available from Will-Burt is the TM 15 mast. The TM 15 is an eight section, 15-meter (50 foot) mast, recently upgraded with an extended payload capacity of 75 pounds (34 kg). It is suitable for a variety of communication devices, including LOS. Designed as a guyed field antenna mast, the TM 15 will fit in the same HDTM 10 mounting brackets for vehicle installations.

The Will-Burt Company, working under an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality Management System and based in Orrville, Ohio, is the world leader in the manufacture of pneumatic and mechanical telescoping masts and accessories. Will-Burt’s capabilities include all phases of the manufacturing process: product design, tool and die development to fabrication, complex assembly, and distribution. Will-Burt prides itself on the design and engineering of turnkey, value added products, and includes in its customer base some of the largest companies in the United States, as well as government and military customers worldwide.