The Will-Burt Company Introduces Night Scan® XL160 LED Light and Upgrade Kits at FDIC

The Night Scan XL 160 LED light fixture with industry leading 10 year limited warranty has been optimized and tuned specifically for use with Night Scan light towers. The low power draw of only 125 watts per fixture generates high visual light output for excellent scene illumination while improving overall electrical system performance. The XL 160 has been field and lab tested for 2 years and is proven to provide safe and highly effective scene lighting in a certified rugged and waterproof enclosure. The photometric qualified performance delivers effective lumens (visual brightness) that are twice that of many comparable LED fixtures from LEDs generating 15,000 raw lumens. The optics of the light fixture have been optimized by combining spot and flood lenses to provide the best in overhead scene lighting.
The Night Scan XL 160 is available in 12 VDC and 24 VDC and can be used with all Night Scan models from 6 feet to 30 feet tall.
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DateMay 14, 2015
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