Pan And Tilt Positioners And Camera Enclosures Product Brochure

MAD is almost certainly unique in the CCTV hardware industry with design, manufacture and assembly all under one roof. Take a good look at our product range, and the benefits are immediately obvious. Superlative build quality, unrivalled specification and innovative design promise many years of maintenance free operation. However, where we really score is in our flexibility. Because of our set up, customers’ specific needs can be addressed faster and more effectively than ever.
Agree a specification for an installation, ‘free-issue’ us the components (e.g . camera, lens, receiver, cable etc.) and we’ll assemble and test the system for you. If necessary, we’ll provide test sheets and equipment logs and even hold a ‘Factory Acceptance Test’ with customer and clients present. If you need additional Control Equipment or CCTV accessories, just ask. It’s that simple! Welcome to the MAD house where quality, reliability and service come together.
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DateJuly 13, 2017

The Will-Burt Company

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