Night Scan Spot Operator’s Manual (July, 2019 – October, 2019)

Night Scan Spot Operator's Manual (July, 2019 - October, 2019)
The Night Scan Spot is a rotatable, remote-controlled LED light. The wireless remote allows the light to be remotely adjusted by the operator. With a vertical tilt up of 70˚ and 45˚ tilt down and an infinite horizontal rotational range (clockwise and counterclockwise), The Night Scan Spot from Will-Burt allows for pan-tilt motion. Also equipped with a flashing alert feature, the remote-controlled LED light can be used to warn approaching motorists or pedestrians of potential hazards or help is needed. It can also be used with service vehicles to alert the on-coming vehicles there are people at work, and more.
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DateJuly 10, 2019

The Will-Burt Company

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