Automated Mast Tilting System (AMTS) Operator’s Manual (March, 2019 – Current)

Automated Mast Tilting System (AMTS) Operator's Manual (March, 2019 - Current)
Will-Burt’s Stiletto Tilt system is ideal for applications where nested height and rapid deployment are critical factors. The robust design enables rapid tilting and locking of the mast. The low height of the Stiletto Tilt makes it the ideal solution to overcome fixed and rotary aircraft interior height limitations (e.g. C-130), or in situations requiring a low center of gravity or concealment of the mast payload. The palletized configuration also makes the system suitable for installation on various mission configured vehicle platforms such as trailers, pick-up trucks and flat bed transports including the FMTV
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DateMarch 8, 2019

The Will-Burt Company

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