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Pasco County Fire Rescue

Pasco County Fire Rescue fire truck with HiViz’ Firetech LED lights from The Will-Burt Company

Pasco County Fire Rescue


Pasco County Fire Rescue serves nearly 500,000 people in the state of Florida. Their department provides fire protection for all of unincorporated Pasco County and employs more than 650 professionals, along with a support staff of 65 and a steady group of volunteers.

The Problem:

The fire department first opened in 1974 and now operates out of 26 stations. And with that growth comes the need for a larger fleet of vehicles and continual upkeep. Pasco County Fire Rescue decided it was time to upgrade their rescue equipment with better lighting, which is when they turned to The Will-Burt Company for help.

The Solution:

HiViz’ Firetech LED lighting was the ideal fit for Pasco County Fire Rescue, with its specially-designed features for use in emergency vehicles. These headlight fixtures are a direct replacement for most stock headlights found on today’s apparatus.

“We’ve purchased other LED lights before, but they aren’t as good. The HiViz’ Firetech LED Lights sold by Will-Burt are a more balanced light while the other ones are more of a pinpoint light, so they’re more disturbing to your eyes. The HiViz’ lights also come with a lifetime warranty, most light products don’t have that option. What we had before was like driving your mom’s 1972 Pontiac LeMans,” said Logistics Chief Walter Lewellen.

Now, the HiViz’ Firetech LED lights have dramatically boosted the total light output for Pasco County’s emergency vehicles. The department has installed HiViz’ LED headlights on 27 fire engines and light bars on 40 rescue vehicles. Services for the Pasco County Fire Rescue didn’t end with installation either.

“They stop by several times a year to check on us and to see if there is anything we need,” shared Chief Lewellen. “Will-Burt takes care of their customers and is very responsive. If we need a price, they get it right away and ship right away—there are no issues!”

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