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Null’s Towing, Inc.

Will-Burt Case Study

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Null’s Towing was started in 1958 in Cochranville, Pennsylvania, by Charles Null to compliment his Esso gas station. Since then, the company has progressed from a single tow truck operation to a full service towing and recovery business.

In addition, Null’s Sales & Service was since created as a spinoff of Null’s Towing and offers quality tow trucks and equipment to the towing industry. Will-Burt scene lighting is used in all aspects of the Null family businesses—Null’s Towing uses them in their towing operations and Null’s Sales & Service is a retailer of the portable lights.

The Problem:

Previous scene lighting used by Null’s Towing has always required a generator that is costly to run and takes up valuable space in the trucks. Many towing companies use pull-behind lighting, and while it’s portable, it takes extra team members to transport it to the scene and set up.

In addition, previous scene lighting has utilized halogen bulbs that don’t offer the intense illumination that LED lamps do, plus they give off a lot of heat that only makes towing operations more difficult for the hardworking team members.

The Solution:

No Generator Necessary
After using portable scene lighting from other manufacturers that required a generator, or pull-behind lighting that required extra time and people to bring along, Null’s Towing turned to The Will-Burt Company for portable and mountable scene lighting that illuminates the road in just seconds.

The best part about mobile lighting from The Will-Burt Company is that they can be mounted right onto their rotators without taking up any valuable space in the truck. Mounted lights also help with safety as there aren’t any portable generators taking up critical road space.

From Firefighting to Towing
The family was no stranger to Will-Burt scene lighting, as owner Dain Null had used our products previously in his days as a fire chief. He was familiar with the ease of use and multiple other benefits of the portable lights, and when he started to see advertising for heavy duty towing products, he knew that was the perfect mobile lighting for his towing company.

Huge Benefits for Safety
In addition to the Night Scan® Powerlite Vertical HDT that’s mounted on several of their rotators, Null’s Towing also utilizes the Night Scan® Xtreme mounted on top of their trucks when there’s heavy traffic. “These lights offer a huge safety benefit. We use a strobe light that’s mounted on top of our trucks that extends 25 feet up in the air. It not only helps us keep an eye on traffic, but it helps the traffic see us better as well, keeping the whole operation safe and well-illuminated,” says Latta Null.

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