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Trailer Integration Solutions

Will-Burt designs and manufactures tilt and gimbal systems for its telescoping mast products to integrate to military vehicles and trailers. Our tilt and gimbal systems may be customized to mount to any military platform. In addition, our palletized configuration option makes system suitable for installation on mission-configured vehicle platforms such as trailers, pick-up trucks and flatbed transports

Trailer Integration Solutions

Will-Burt can integrate both military and civilian trailers and similar platforms to your specific requirements.

  • Will-Burt telescoping mast or ITS tower
  • Mast tilt system & gimbal
  • Generator
  • Surveillance sensor system brain box
  • Payload nesting/protection box
  • Battery box
  • Auxiliary gas tank
  • System controls – mast/tilt/power management
  • Shelter

Major Components of Will-Burt's Integrated Trailer

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