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Composite Modular Extendable Rigid Wall Shelters

Will-Burt’s CMERWS delivers the ultimate in flexibility of deployment with multiple configurations and applications. Whether for a mobile command center, mobile hospital, or any other application, the CMERWS may be setup in expanding modular segments to fit mission requirements.


The Mini-CMERWS is the ‘building block’ base unit that measures 18’ x 18’ (5.5m x 5.5m). With the addition of modular 6’ (1.8m) sections, the Mini-CMERWS can be expanded out to 18’ x 54’ (5.5m x 16.4m) for a full-size CMERWS.

  • Greater Flexibility
    • Mini-CMERWS 18’ x 18’ (5.5m x 5.5m) base shelter expands in 6’ (1.8m) increments for custom sizing.
    • Can be palletized for shipment with a Mini-CMERWS being transportable on two 463L pallets or in an ISO shelter.
    • Has vestibule connectivity to standard size military shelters.
  • Improved Interior Space
    • Mini-CMERWS provides 324 sq. ft. (30 m2) of clear usable space.
    • Arched trusses accommodate equipment up to 90” (228cm) in height.
  • Easier to Erect and Strike
    • Can be erected and struck by 4 trained personnel in less than 40 minutes.
    • Shelter was designed for military standard lifting capacities of the 95th percentile female soldier.
    • Three-piece, light weight, carbon fiber roof truss, easily pins together.
  • Safety Features
    • Roof and main floor are non-slip.
    • Easy to clean and disinfect all interior and exterior surfaces.
    • Tie-down kit for high winds.

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