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1 & 2 Side Expandable

One and Two Side Expandable ISO Shelters

Will-Burt’s nine-high stackable ISO expandable shelters and containers combine the inherent corrosion and ballistic resistance of carbon composites with a seamless monocoque design to protect personnel and sensitive equipment in some of the world’s most austere and harsh environments.

  • Easy to erect and strike
    Simple and ergonomically friendly, no heavy parts to move, can be erected with only two people, no loose parts.
  • Excellent floor and roof loading capacity
    100 lb./sq. ft. (488 kg/m2) floor and roof loading.
  • Greater thermal efficiency
    .17 Btu/hr/ ft2/F exceeds .35 Btu/hr/ft2/F ASTM-1978 standard.
  • Greater Stackability
    9 high vs 6 high for DoD standard family of shelters.
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