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Mast Tilt System Specifications

Mast Tilt System Specifications

Will-Burt can design and manufacture static mounting systems that will attach any Will-Burt mast to any vehicle, trailer or other platform. Whether off-the-shelf or customized, we can deliver a solution that will satisfy your unique requirements.

Stiletto Tilt Specifications

Mast Tilt Systems Specification 
Height of Tilt System31 in. / 0.80 m
Length of pallet69 in. / 1.74 m
Width of pallet37 in. / .93 m
Weight (Tilt System only)660 lb. / 300 kg
Operating voltage range20-28 VDC
Steady State Operation (at 24 VDC)8.5 Amps
Cycle time to tilt & lock50 sec
Tilting moment (maximum)24,300 in-lb
Tipping moment capacity150,000 in-lb
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