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Positioners For Fixed Applications

Available in both over the top and side mount configurations, Bowler pan and tilts are extremely compact (just one third the volume of the Topper), externally robust and aesthetically designed to an IP68 rating. Providing a rugged and stable mobile camera platform for use in CCTV applications where a smaller size is required, the Bowler’s gearbox is engineered to provide higher gear ratios for lower speeds without costly modifications. The Continuous Rotation option incorporates an extruded aluminum column which houses the 24 way slip ring with 4 contacts per ring providing all necessary cable management and power. There is some spare capacity within the column which is fully adjustable to allow connector orientation

Positioners For Fixed Applications

On a prison wall looking in, or a power station looking out; on highways, at ports; in town and city centers; on police mobile surveillance units and for ANPR. In fact, for any application that calls for uncompromising quality, performance and maintenance free reliability, chances are you’ll spot the unmistakable profile of a Will-Burt pan & tilt positioner.

Available in three different sizes, all units can be configured for over the top or side mount operation. Bowler and Topper heads are also available with continuous rotation.

Our RX variants with internal controller cards which do away with the need for an external receiver and add electronic braking, limit stops and other functionality. Traditional control variants are available on all models.

In our small Bowler range we offer Heavy Duty unit, upgraded to handle the wear and tear of being mounted and operated on vehicles in motion.

For use in corrosive or clean environments, the medium sized Topper is available with a 316 stainless steel casing. If your application calls for the ultimate in maintenance free all-weather performance look no further.

If your application calls for the ultimate in maintenance free all-weather performance look no further. Contact a sales representative for more information.

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Essential Features

  • Uncompromising construction
    • Dual process heat treated die cast aluminum
  • Wide choice of options
    • Side mount or over the top
  • Highly reliable with minimal backlash
    • Precision turned internal components with ball races on major axes
  • Built to last
    • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Weatherproof
    • IP rating 68 (supplied mating connector must be used and fitted as specified)
  • Long operational life
    • Maintenance free
  • Easy to install
    • Simple external limit switch adjustment
  • Universal mounting plate
    • Suitable for all appropriately sized housings
  • Corrosion resistant finish
    • Aids rapid deceleration
  • Regenerative braking
  • Color
    • Grey
    • Custom colors available


SpecificationsBowler Light Duty Pan & TiltTopper Medium Duty Pan & TiltHomburg Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt
Side MountOver The TopSide MountOver The TopSide MountOver The Top
Dimensions (mm nominal)
Height (Standard)5.2 in. / 133 mm5.8 in. / 146 mm7.2 in. / 184 mm7.9 in. / 201 mm9.2 in. / 234 mm9.8 in. / 250 mm
Height (Continuous Rotation)17.4 in. / 441 mm18 in. / 457 mm19.4 in. / 493 mm20.1 in. / 511 mmN/AN/A
Width to platform face5.7 in. / 145 mm5.7 in. / 145 mm7.5 in. / 190 mm7.2 in. / 183 mm15.8 in. / 402 mmN/A
Width to platform outer edge12.1 in. / 307 mmN/A14.4 in. / 366 mmN/A6.7 in. / 170 mm6.7 in. / 170 mm
Depth (without plugs)--5.1 in. / 130 mm5.1 in. / 130 mm
Slip ring (Continuous
Rotation only)
24 way with 4 contacts per ring.
(240v AC 2Amps)
24 way with 4 contacts per ring.
(240v AC 2Amps)
Die cast aluminum - Standard< 5.1 lb. / 2.3 kg< 5.1 lb. / 2.3 kg< 13.2 lb. / 6 kg< 13.2 lb. / 6 kg< 26.5 lb. / 12 kg< 26.5 lb. / 12 kg
Die cast aluminum< 9.5 lb. / 4.3 kg< 9.5 lb. / 4.3 kg< 17.6 lb. / 8 kg< 17.6 lb. / 8 kgN/AN/A
(Continuous Rotation)< 9.5 lb. / 4.3 kg< 9.5 lb. / 4.3 kg< 17.6 lb. / 8 kg< 17.6 lb. / 8 kgN/AN/A
316 stainless steelN/AN/A25.8 lb. / 11.7 kg25.8 lb. / 11.7 kgN/AN/A
12VDC, 24VDC12VDC, 24VDC nominal, 24VAC,
110VAC, 240VAC
12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 240VAC
Speeds (°/sec)
Pan 30,10
Tilt 10
AC: Pan 3, 6, 12 / Tilt 3, 6
DC: Pan 12, 18, 24, 32, 48 / Tilt 12, 18
Pan 30, 10 / Tilt 10
Slowspeed Pan/Tilt: <0.1°/sec min.
to 10°/sec max.
CapacityImportant: maximum load can only be achieved by using a slow speed gearbox at certain speeds and a balanced load.
Contact MAD for details
22.1 lb. / 10 kg (@ 30/10°/sec)13.2 lb. / 6 kg (@ 30/10°/sec)55.1 lb. / 25 kg35.3 lb. / 16 kg110 lb. / 50 kg44.1 lb. / 20 kg
(30 or 25 with 1 or 2 load compensators)
Operational angles
Tilt±180°-90° to +25°±180°-90° to +25°±180°-90° to +25°
BacklashLess than 0.15°Less than 0.15°Less than 0.15°
Long life potentiometers-Fitted as standardFitted as standard
Control cableMating connectors suppliedMating connectors suppliedMating connectors supplied
HouseGoose Grey, Textured,
(BS4800 00 A05)
Goose Grey, Textured,
(BS4800 00 A05)
Goose Grey, Textured,
(BS4800 00 A05)
MaintenanceNone requiredNone requiredNone required
Temperature range-4° to 122° F / -20° to +50° C-4° to 122° F / -20° to +50° C
(heater available)
-4° to 122° F / -20° to +50° C
(heater available)
RX Integral Controller Card optionBowler RX / Bowler Heavy Duty RXTopper RXHomburg RX
Voltages12VDC, 24VDC12VDC, 24VDC12VDC, 24VDC
Interface / ProtocolRS232 or RS485 / Pelco-D & Pelco-P
RS232 or RS485 / Pelco-D & Pelco-P
RS232 or RS485 / Pelco-D & Pelco-P
AddressesUp to 256Up to 256Up to 256
Preset and tourDependent on controllerDependent on controllerDependent on controller
Limit stops and brakingElectronicElectronicElectronic
Auxiliary relay outputsWash, Wipe, LightsWash, Wipe, LightsWash, Wipe, Lights
Power and data pass-throughfor ‘block style’ camerafor ‘block style’ camerafor ‘block style’ camera
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