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    A high specification Homburg heavy-duty pan and tilt is a stable, robust and reliable platform for the slow speed system. Weatherproof and maintenance free, the head features IP68 rating, full mechanical braking and contact less Hall-Effect sensors for greater accuracy over longer distances.

    Power Supply 230VAC or 110VAC
    Max Load 5A @ 230V (1150W)
    Receiver Current Draw Maximum of 100VA max
    Fuses Auxiliary fuse F2 5A T (20mm ceramic cartridge). Total max. pan/tilt/lens/24Vac auxiliary 100VA
    Outputs Auxiliary outputs for wash/wipe/lights (1000W max). Driven at supply voltage or 24V ac selectable by SW2
    Video Input 1V p-p 75Ω terminated input via BNC socket
    Video Output 1V to 4V p-p 75Ω impedance via BNC socket. Video launch amplifier gain locally and remotely
    adjustable. Zoom and focus: adjustable between 6 - 12Vdc. Inching speed: adjustable between
    0-12Vdc . 1 second inching built in
    Lens Drive (Remotely Adjustable) Iris output: direct drive for 3 motor lens or auto iris override voltage. In auto-iris mode output
    returns to preset level 15 seconds after manual iris control.
    Preset level is adjustable. Outputs have red/green LEDs to indicate direction and voltage
    Lens 10 Bit Resolutions
    Head 12 Bit Resolution
    Inputs for pan, tilt, zoom & focus preset feedback pots
    Up to 32 full scene presets: pan/tilt/zoom/focus
    (16 with BBV & Baxall up the coax protocols)
    Alarm Facilities 8 alarm inputs from volt free normally closed contacts. Output 1 normally closed volt free
    contact can be set to operate immediately or when the preset is approached after an alarm input
    NOTE: The output is used for iris override when using Fujinon or Pentax lens mode
    Additional Facilities Software random pan/sequential preset patrol with individual programmable preset dwell/Datum
    - return to preset 1, start preset patrol or random pan after menu set duration of inactivity
    Features LED readout for continual system status. Programming menu with in-built LCD display and screen
    display. 12V dc/500mA un-switched output. Colour coded outlets – live, neutral, earth, low voltage