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Firetech LED Lighting

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The Firetech Brow light can be configured to incorporate optional DOT Clearance Marker and Identification Lamps, allowing you to streamline the front edge of your apparatus while maintaining the FMVSS108 mandated visual signature of the ID lamps.

Firetech LED Lighting

Will-Burt’s Night Scan light towers and HiViz’ Firetech LED lights are known as the best scene lighting products in the fire fighting and rescue markets. We have combined our expertise and salesforce to make it easier for you to get the top performing lighting equipment for your fire apparatus. Will-Burt’s lighting sales team now offers the full line of Firetech product to Fire Apparatus Dealers and Fire Departments. Contact a member of the team today for a demonstration, or learn more about Firetech and Night Scan products – the best scene lighting in the industry.
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