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Homburg Heavy-Duty Pan & Tilt

The heavy duty variable speed Homburg will support up to 50kg on a side mount or up to 45kg over the top. Totally maintenance free, the Homburg’s limit stops are set externally to avoid having to open a unit and potentially compromise its IP 68 rating. The gearbox is designed to minimize backlash and provides higher gear ratios for lower speeds without costly modifications whilst full mechanical braking enhances accuracy and stability. Long life potentiometers come as standard with an option for extended long life potentiometers. Units are available in 24VDC or 12VDC.

Homburg Heavy-Duty Pan & Tilt

The Homburg heavy-duty pan & tilt head provides maximum capacity of 50kg side mount and available in 12 or 24vDC, as well as 24vAC, 110vAC and 230vAC options. As with all MAD units, the Homburg range of heavy-duty, top quality IP 68 Pan & Tilt heads are extremely compact for their power output, externally robust and aesthetically designed to an IP68 rating providing a rugged and stable mobile camera platform for use in most CCTV installations.

Essential Features

  • Uncompromising construction
    • Dual process heat treated die cast aluminium or 316 stainless steel casing
  • Wide choice of options
    • Side mount, over the top and continuous rotation models
  • Highly reliable with minimal backlash
    • Precision turned internal components with ball races on major axes
  • Built to last
    • Rugged Design with Stainless steel fastenings
  • Weatherproof
    • IP rating 68 (supplied mating connector must be used and fitted as specified)
  • Long operational life
    • Maintenance free and 3-year mechanical / 2-year electrical warranty
  • Easy to install
    • Plug and play for rapid installation
  • Universal mounting plate
    • Suitable for all appropriately sized housings, options available
  • Corrosion resistance
    • Weather resistant 2-part epoxy paint finish
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