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Homburg Slowspeed Camera

Homburg Slowspeed Integrated Camera Package enables people identification at 1000m plus and long distance video tracking using BBV Controller and Receiver technology.

Homburg Slowspeed Camera

The Homburg Slowspeed system is a complete high resolution solution for users requiring a far higher degree of accuracy than is possible with a normal pan & tilt head and receiver. Delivering the capability of video tracking over long distances (dependent on lens), applications for the Slowspeed include airports and border control, harbors, vehicle embedded systems and other sensitive area surveillance. Quick and easy to install, the receiver and housing are connected together by just nine connections (five power, two data and two video cables) and the receiver can be controlled over a daisy chained or star wired RS422/485 network. System commissioning and diagnostics are performed via a local or remotely located display.

Essential Features

  • Long range surveillance
    • with 55-60x lenses
  • Ultra slow speed operation
    • Pan and tilt speeds <0.1°/sec minimum to 10°/sec maximum
  • Choice of supply voltage
    • Supply voltage either 110V ac or 230V ac
  • Choice of auxiliary output voltage
    • Output voltage either supply voltage or 24V ac
  • Easy to install
    • 9 wire connections between receiver and housing
  • Exceptional accuracy
    • Revolutionary preset technology with 12 bit resolution
  • Easy to set up
    • Receiver mountable at base of pole
  • Wide choice of lenses
    • Compatible with lenses with iris override and x2 converters up to 60x
  • Flexible
    • Supports 14 different protocols
  • Active motor drive system
    • Ensures head stays on preset positions
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