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Will-Burt LED Lamps

WB LED Lamps are available as a retrofit for older model light towers

Will-Burt LED Lamps

The Will-Burt family of LED lamps are IP67 rated for temporary water submersion, such as splashing from rain or brief dunking. Will-Burt’s LEDs emit up to 144,000 lumens from 12 fixtures and are elevated by either a Night Scan Powerlite or Powerlite Vertical. Additionally, WB LEDs are available as a retrofit for older model light towers. The cooling running LEDs are affordable and include a 2-year warranty which is 2 years longer than a halogen warranty.

ModelWB 150WB 300WB 480
Raw Lumens Per Fixture22,50045,00072,000
Maximum Tower Lumens45,00090,000144,000
Optics40° Flood
VDC / Watts Per FixtureN/A
VAC / Watts Per Fixture120 or 240 / 150120 or 240 / 300120 or 240 / 480
Water-Proof RatingIP67, temporary water submersion
Active Thermal ManagementN/A
Warranty2 Years
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